Top 3 Favorite Villians

HAPPY HALLOWEEN SEASON ALL! Today I felt like you know what…let’s give it up for some of our favorite villains. Now you see, my favorite villains are not your everyday choices. Here’s my top 3: 3. Robbie Rotten RIP king of lazy town. Harassing the kids of lazy town and coming up with silly schemes, […]

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Don’t You Hate It When…

There are always some small things that happen that bother everyone. Here’s a list of some of mine. When you have an idea then walk into a different room and suddenly forget. When you want to look up a song but you only remember the tune not the lyrics but you can’t look up lalalala. […]

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Alex Russo had a Double Life? | Conspiracy Theory

Throughout the TV land there have been many mistakes that are caught by fans and never explained. Recently an old theory has resurfaced on tumblr regarding Selena Gomez. Selena played Mikayla in Hannah Montana, Yet when she returned for Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana she was Alex Russo. They speculate she used her […]

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11 Weird Laws

Throughout history there have been some weird laws in place in various states. The media has spread these all over the internet. Some were true and some ended up never being a law at all but they’re still funny to see. 1. You can’t carry your ice cream cone your pocket on a sunday. Any normal person […]

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