Taylor Swift you did it again…

me: ok i’ll post my Will Taylor Swift Play Smaller Venues  post on tuesday


taylor swift: hey guys, can’t wait to see you at Lover Fest at these stadiums!

me: booboothefool


But you know what, I posted it anyways.


Although this is considered just Lover Fest and not a full blown tour, it still kinda counts. This only seems like the first round of performances to celebrate Lover; due to the page saying “these are the only US dates for 2020” many seem to speculate she may do a proper tour the following year, 2021. And that is where we will see if the smaller venues may or may not come into play. It seems Taylor wants to focus on getting to as many different places around the world she has not been in quite some time.

The promotion of this event states “Taylor Swift and Friends,” which paired with it being considered a festival leads fans to believe that Taylor is the headliner and she will be bringing along some of her favorite artists to perform at Lover Fest. Nothing has yet been announced as to who will be joining her but, many speculate Troye Sivan and Selena Gomez could be on the lineup. Back in her shoot with Entertainment magazine she wore pins and she stated that they were all clues to her upcoming album at the time. There were a couple pins however, that were not explained other than being friends with Taylor, those being the pins of Selena and Troye of course.

Image result for taylor swift buttons

It should definitely be interesting to see when more details are released about the event in the future. One thing I do know is, being that there’s 2 shows per coast, it definitely  seems like it will be difficult to get tickets. So best of luck out there!

Image result for gif breathing into a paper bag

And of course i’m sure once we see what goes down at Lover Fest, maybe there will be a clearer picture as to what the official Lover Tour will be like.

What artists are you hoping to see perform at Lover Fest?

Related image

Selena is also a favorite of mine so that would be AH-MAZ-ING! Because we all know Taylor loves to allude to things so far ahead in the future, maybe the pin did mean something!


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