Big Time Rush: Where Are They Now 2019

What are the BTR guys up to now?

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Back in 2017 I made a post/video that, to my surprise, got a lot of attention. People really wanted to know what was up the big time rush guys. Being that my post was from 2017 and that my video is, not the worst thing but, embarrassing to me today (and also filmed on an ipod lol). I decided to do an update!

You can listen for the full story on my podcast Lil Slice of Everything!


About the Episode

Big Time Rush, yet another boy band that bit the dust…or have they? What are they doing now? Is the reunion really happening? Well, here’s your guide.Take a listen and hear about life after Big Time Rush, the reunion rumors, Marisa getting upset over the BTR vs 1D drama and more. All from the expert herself. And remember “it’s the only life you got so you gotta live it big time!” – Shakespeare


(available on most podcast platforms)

No reunion in the works yet, but here’s the latest btr 2018/19 content…


Logan on Zach Sang

Kendall and Carlos in Maui


Keep up with all their projects Kendall, Carlos, James, Logan !

They’re still doing music, acting, vlogs so be sure to check all their latest stuff out. I think we’d all love a reunion at some point but let’s be real, give their solo stuff the recognition it deserves!

to see my previous post click here.

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