Will the Jonas Brothers reunite in 2019?

Another year, another Jonas Brothers reunion rumor. Will this actually be the return of the JoeBros?

If you’ve been keeping up, you may already know Nick Jonas has been favoriting various tweets about a potential Jonas Brothers reunion. It has many fans (including myself) extremely stressed. Will there be a tour? New music? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN.

These rumors seem to surface once a year and never turn into anything, however, Nick’s twitter favorites definitely make it seem like these “rumors” could be true. Although, Nick Jonas playing with our emotions? This wouldn’t be the first time…

And of course, as to be expected you will see “the jonas brothers are my childhood!” tweets start to resurface. Meanwhile the OG and fans that have stuck through the thick and thin preparing to get tickets like…

Image result for nick jonas boxing

Needless to say my bank account and I are both STRESSED.


The first time I saw the Jonas Brothers was at a fair in 2007. I was sitting far away and after about 6 songs in they had to leave because of a storm. The following year at Burning Up tour I had lawn seats. My older cousin upgraded us partially through the show and we got to see them (although I truly have 0% recollection of) with a better view. But of course my younger cousin got sick after being inside for about 3 songs. She unfortunately did not take my advice and “just throw up on the person in front of you,” and we had to leave. Then flash forward to the return of the JoeBros in 2013. I had to skip the summer tour due to being broke due to one direction and big time rush. Then the fall tour came around and they were coming to MY city. Only of course we all know what happened to that tour…So needless to say I am in definite need of a proper Jonas Brothers concert.

And with all that said, all Jonas fans…we have a major S.O.S.

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