6 Gorgeous Beauty Products On My Wishlist

As a new makeup lover who is definitely no “guru” by an means, (for the amount of beauty videos I’ve watched you’d think I’d have the basics mastered…not the case) I am always on the lookout for cool releases. In the past couple years I’ve only just dipped into the makeup/skincare obsession. At the moment I currently have quite the list of products I want to try when I get the chance (and funds) to do so. If it’s shimmer, glitter, sparkle or BAM, chances are I need it in my life. As for skincare goes I look for anything hydrating (because of my dry skin), or something that will help with acne ( I have moderate – mild, it varies). Here is my current beauty wishlist!

1. Kathleen Lights x Colourpop

The Zodiac Loose Pigment Collection

These pigments look AH-MA-ZING! They are best applied wet or with glitter glue and the result is stunning.

To hear more about the collection and see more swatches, check out Kathleen’s video!

2. e.l.f. Hello Hydration

When I read the benefits this has, it definitely seemed right up my alley and a must have. For a detailed description check out their website.

3. BH Desert Oasis Palette

oh mi gosh look at those shimmery sparkly shades…Gorgeous!

4. Witch Hazel Biore Strips

I’ve used the regular pore strips and I’m interested to see if these work better.

5. FLOWER beauty Warrior Glitter Shadow

6. Zoella Shower Shake

Although it’s considered a body wash, Zoe said she uses it to shave and it keeps moisture locked in. I’m definitely interested to see if it does (because somehow my legs are always dry).

What beauty and skincare is on your wishlist?

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