Now THATS what I call Coachella

I am widely aware I don’t have the most diverse music palette. And around the time people hype up Coachella it’s just kind of snooze fest for me. Although I have branched out a little since the beginning of time, I usually stick with the people I have been listening to for years. One of the reasons being if I like an artist enough I may be inclined to go to tour, and with ticket prices these days…yeah not rich enough for that.

Unless I had the money, time, loved enough people going, and became immune to UV rays ( I say dramatically), I truly don’t think I’d go to Coachella (not that anybody cares). Oh and don’t get me started on the people who just go for the instagrams. But, it did have me thinking, in what artists scenario would I give up my coachella judging ways, go bankrupt and go.

A Dream Coachella:


now THATS what I call Coachella! What’s your dream lineup or setlist from your favorite artists?

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