Thank U 2018, Next.

2018 is over and I just wanted to say thank you, next. But first, let me reflect on some positive moments this year.

  1. Demi Lovato on my Birthday

I finally had a concert on my birthday! And a major bonus, got to see Kevin Jonas during the Cast meeting.

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birthday + demi lovato = AMAZING #tellmeyoulovemetour

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2. Jake Miller

He always puts on the most amazing live shows! And I finally asked Jake if he remembered Drive Thru (a major old Jake song) for my friend. And to all wondering how he feels about it…I can definitely confirm it will never be played live. 😂

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Always have to go see my #1 @jakemiller #hitandruntour

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3. Meeting State Champs

The hometown homies. Have been getting more into their music and it was super cool to meet them.

4. Miranda Sings

My first youtuber show. I’ve been a fan of Miranda/Colleen for a while and it was so nice to meet her and see the show. Non-stop laughs the whole time. And also me being gullible enough to think Miranda was actually bringing Joey Graceffa out ( I should know better).


5. Reputation Tour

An AMAZING night! She knows how to put on a show! You can read more about it here or do yourself a favor and go watch the Netflix special.

6. Dan and Phil

When I heard they were coming to my city I died. I loved watching their videos and it was so cool to get to see their live show. And Phil’s diss track…total flames (is that how the kids say it?).

7. Meeting Logan

9 years later… it’s about time! Was so happy when I finally got to meet Logan. He was super chill and I loved hearing his new music.

8.  Mini Big Time Reunion

A christmas miracle??? This year Santa delivered. Sometimes you just need a little BTR to lift your mood. I was so happy when I saw these instas with Carlos and Kendall.


2018 had some great moments and also some tough ones that took a longer toll on us than we expected (you can read about that craziness here). Things that happen out of your control suck, but you have to make the best of it.

I’m not much of a new year’s resolution person but what I would love for 2019 is more fun, to maybe try learning something on one of the two instruments I have, make a stride at being healthier and staying motivated. And after not blogging since my Taylor show, more blogging. I would like to give a major shoutout to Jenna Hamilton (character from the show Awkward), who made me think you know what I need to get back into the swing of this. With much less drama then her of course. Although I’ll gladly take a matty mckibben.

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