A Magical Night with Taylor Swift| Reputation Tour

Friday, July 20th, I got to experience my 3rd Taylor Swift show and it was a magical experience. In the past I’ve been to the Speak Now and 1989 tour and they blew me away. Other than Taylor’s amazing presence, the show as a whole is just fantastic, the production is crazy good.

Am I really about to sit here and go through every single song on the setlist with you right now??? Yes. I could sit and write a professional review but, considering how much I love Taylor and how I’m not quite sure how to express my love for this tour any other way at this moment, i’m going with this.

  1. Ready for It a BOPPPPPP.
  2. I Did Something Bad is EPICCCC, the chorus pops and of course we can’t forget how many good lyrics there are in this one.
  3. Gorgeous
  4. Style/Love Story/You Belong With Me, we love some good throwbacks. Has anyone else been listening to a song and they just sing along, not realizing what was playing? Because that was me during this mashup.
  5. Look What You Made Me Do, The huge snake that came out of the stage was EVERYTHING. A classic bop of our time.IMG_0290.JPG
  6. End Game, a great tune. I’m glad it was a shortened version because I really don’t think I would’ve been able to learn the lyrics to the rap. Long story short, I literally have no brain cells and the most I remember when I listen to music is the chorus. I used to be good back in the day (I say at 23.)  at memorizing but now I’m lucky if I remember what I did yesterday (eat your vegetables kids).
  7. King of My Heart. AMAZING. When I first listen to an album I skim all the songs and then listen to the ones that I’m sure will be my favorite first. And I guess I never really ended up going back to listen to more than halfway through of King of My Heart. When I was listening to learn lyrics and I got to the “is this the end of all the endings,” part I was like WAIT WHAT. That’s my favorite part, and now I have a newfound love for the song and screaming the lyrics at the show was great.P1030080.JPG
  8. Delicate. Taylor came to our side of the stage before floating over the audience for this and it was so amazing to actually be able to make out facial features and see her close. I think we all know how great of a song this is. We can all agree that screaming “1,2,3 Let’s go Bitch” in unison was amazing. If you know, you know.P1030095P1030108
  9. Shake It Off, a timeless bop. Do I need to say more?
  10. Dancing With Our Hands Tied,the acoustic version was amazing. Also side note: this was by far the hardest song to memorize. How Taylor memorizes all her songs is beyond me, I can’t even remember my age.IMG_0905.JPG
  11. Welcome To New York. When I was trying to brainstorm what she would sing as a surprise song here, surprisingly I did not put two and two together to think of this. It was a nice surprise. I had a dream before the show that I saw her up close and she sang speak now and I thought wow, if she sings this at the show i’m a psychic…update i’m not.
  12. Blank Space
  13. Dress
  14. Bad Blood/Should’ve Said No Never in a million years would I ever expect this mashup but it was amazing.
  15. Don’t Blame Me This was an EXPERIENCEtumblr_pc2nsyaTSc1vql0kmo1_1280.jpg📷: a fan in Cleveland
  16. Long Live/New Years Day I was so freaking excited for this! She delivered as always. Long Live has always been a special song to me and to hear it again was my favorite. Taylor fudged up the piano at one of the part of NYD, and she was so adorable and played it off so funny. I love those genuine moments.IMG_0932.JPG
  17. Getaway Car LOVE.
  18. Call It What You Want
  19. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together/This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things. TIWWCHNT is one of my favorites on Reputation and it was AMAZING! Taylor started singing the first verse as the second verse at the show, lyrics are hard so SAME, lol.

Although I only attended the first night here are some epic highlights of the other two nights you need:

Night 2: The Epic Rain Show

Image result for reputation tour
via Taylor Nation twitter

Taylor performed Fearless AND Clean as surprise songs!

Night 3:

Taylor tripping.

To get to see Taylor is always a treat. Until next time.

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