Rewatching Stuck in the Suburbs

We all remember the iconic DCOM, Stuck in the Suburbs.

Image result for stuck in the suburbs

Brittney (Danielle Panabaker) and her soccer crew rush home from practice to see the new Jordan Cahill music video…

which by the way, their soccer cleats were perfectly clean????

But let’s rewind for a’s Jordan Cahill, iconic popstar.

Image result for jordan cahill stuck in the suburbs

Then of course everyone is in school talking about how much they LOVE Jordan. All of the girls open their lockers and you see him plastered all over.

Image result for stuck in the suburbs lockers

And if you’re not saying “Good morning, Jordan” and blowing a kiss to his pic are you even a true stan?

Next Brenda Song shows up, the new girl in school.

Image result for stuck in the suburbs brenda song

Natasha and Brittney become good friends, of course. Both lying about what they do and their interest but its ok they both get exposed later on but they go back to being friends quickly. Also the fashion tho…

But Natasha visits Britney’s house and she is frantically taking down her Jordan posters because she told Natasha she doesn’t care about him.

She gets news on where Jordan is filming his music video and goes down.

When leaving Britney falls and Jordan’s assistant also falls and whilst they’re both trying to grab their stuff, they grab the wrong phones.

When she realizes she tries to return it, OF COURSE Drew Sealy does not believe them.

So they go home and suddenly the assistant realizes he has a bright pink teen’s phone…

Oh an Madonna and Jordan are besties cuz girl was tryna hook up but failed because he definitely did not pick up phone that day.

Now that they have Jordan’s life in their hands they start making all the decisions, most importantly Brenda Song calling the hair dresser for a hair switch up. SUCH an improvement.

Going back and forth with Jordan’s assistant she decides to keep the phone longer. She even finds original lyrics and sends them out for everyone to hear.

They even spread that Jordan would be performing at the house that Brit’s mother was trying to save.


Eventually when Jordan finds out about the switch he runs off and plans to meet the girls.

Running away from fans and management they make it to the show at the old home and Jordan gives an inspirational speech. He was doing what the media wanted him to do. Unable to use his real lyrics etc. He performed a bop and everyone was happy.

Brit gets a call from Jordan cuz ya know what else do you do when you get back from a fan having your phone and controlling your life #besties

The film comes to an end circling back to where we began the girls coming back from soccer to watch a music video and instead of Jordan it’s his assistant lip syncing to his voice and all the friends dancing in the background.


If you could control a celebs life for a day what would you do?

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