Bachelor in Paradise is almost here!

Every year there is one amazing thing that happens every summer… Bachelor in Paradise. This is by far my favorite of the bachelor series. My favorite part of course is the DRAMA. You have a lot of strong personalities all together, which means fights, interesting conversations and your favorite friendships.

Here are some of the cast I’m excited to see!


Grocery Store Joe

No surprise after all the hype he got on Becca’s season. But I’m not gonna lie… I didn’t get the hype.


She is definitely a fan favorite, I’m excited to see to see her this season.


David and Jordan

Oh this is gonna be good…. brewing the tea as we speak.


I loved him on Rachel’s season so I’m excited to see him.

Venmo John

He doesn’t seem like one to be in drama so I predict he’ll just be the chill guy in the background.


taxidermy girl is back!


KENNYYYYYY. I’m excited to see him this season, also can he beat up Jordan??


Yet another annoying person.. maybe her and Jordan should get together?


Do we think they’ll bring Colton later in paradise to stir up drama???

and last but not least…

Wells and Yuki


Wells is an all time favorite! And Yuki was so sweet on the winter games. But not gonna lie, I still miss the og bartender, the icon himself, Jorge.

To see the rest of the cast list, check it out here, and don’t forget in paradise there are always people popping in here and there, so you never know who will appear next.

Don’t forget to watch August 7th on ABC!

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