6 Tips:What You Need to do in Your Home| Learn from my Mistakes

Let’s be honest… most of the time we either postpone or don’t think of all the work that needs to be done in our home. Well, it’s time to end that.

Over the past month I have been MIA because I’ve been dealing with a case of the bed bugs. For those who are not familiar, these are nasty little bugs who ruin your life. These bugs you can get from multiple places but, especially hotels. They feed on your blood, get in your mattress, fabrics, paper and just about any other nook and cranny you could think of. And it is expensive to get rid of them. In my case we think we got them from the many hotels we’ve stayed at.

TIP: when traveling, put your stuff in the bathtub (because they like to live near where people usually are and your bed, so they won’t be in there). Also any clothes you wore on the bed put in a plastic bag to clean and put in a hot dryer. This can help reduce your chances of them taking a free ride home with you.

When preparing for the treatment we did a MAJOR clear out. For them to treat it you have to move things to the middle of the room, which considering how small our rooms are meant we had ALOT of work to do. We had to wash all our fabrics, go through everything we wanted to keep and check it for bugs, and get rid of unnecessary things. While I’m not trying to make this a how to prepare for treatment post, It’s really just to give you an idea just how bad this can be. We spent 12-14 hours a day for a week going through everything in the 4 rooms that were being treated. Did we go slightly overboard? Possibly, but if you knew the cost of removal you’d be as careful to make sure these bugs don’t return.

We got rid of our infested mattresses just to be safe (also because I don’t think I could  live knowing even with mattress encasements, that keep bugs from going in or out, that there were dead bugs in there forever.), got rid of what we didn’t need, got rid of things I didn’t want to say goodbye to but had to because it had a bed bug( RIP my big time rush poster 2010-2018), and packed the rest that was clear of bugs out of the room.

That’s the thing about these bugs, if the item had a bug it has to go (unless it can be washed or is plastic). They’re easy to spot however, their eggs look like mini pieces of rice, and are smaller than a centimeter, so you wouldn’t know or want to risk if they were there.

And now I finally get to the point…

Take my experience as a WARNING.

We always postpone doing things till later, but my experience shows no one is immune to these types of things happening. Prepare now so you can save yourself later. And even if you are lucky enough to not experience things like this, you’ll be grateful you organized.

Here are a few tips on what you should do in your home:

  1. Get rid of it! It’s amazing how many things we keep that we DON’T NEED. The rule, if I haven’t used it in a year it can go is always a good one. For example you have a Yo-Yo. Are saving it for the off chance in the next 5 years you might feel like you’ll want to Yo-Yo but you never do? TRASH, you don’t need it!
  2. Mattress encasements, spend a little extra mula for good ones so if you ever had a bug problem, you don’t have to worry about your mattress at risk.
  3. Scan everything into your computer or take pictures and save it in multiple places. Have pictures, writing, art etc that you want to remember forever? Don’t just keep the physical. Save it on the computer, so god forbid you lose it you have it too look back on in another location.
  4. Get organized! Get like things together, get an idea of where things are so you’re not wondering where you put something important or wondering what random drawer you threw that one thing in.
  5. Stay clean. This seems pretty obvious but with everyone on their own unique schedule this differs for everyone. Pick a time once a day or week to keep the house tidy and clean. This way you avoid one big mega mess that will take you twice the time to clean up.
  6. Stay prepared! Depending on your living situation or area you never know what emergency you could face. Know what to do in certain scenarios and have a kit so you’re not scrambaling last minute.

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