The Band You Need to Know About

Every now and then it’s always a fun idea to check out new artists and see what other amazing music is out there that you’ve been missing out on. If you’re in need of a new band to check out, then look no further then Heffron Drive.

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Heffron Drive consists of both Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt. The band was originally formed in 2008, the name Heffron Drive coming from the street they both lived on in Burbank. They started growing on myspace but eventually had to put the band on hiatus when Kendall booked the Nickelodeon show/band , Big Time Rush. Although not in the band, BTR directly, Dustin was their touring guitarist. When BTR came to an end in 2013, Heffron Drive made their first appearance back and began making new music and touring the world. Heffron Drive released their debut album in 2014 called Happy Mistakes but that’s not all! There is plenty of their music to go around including the Slow Motion EP and their most recent singles “Mad at the World” and “Seperate Lives.”

Currently they are a part of Macy’s iheart radio rising star competition, in which the winners get to perform at the iheart radio music festival. Funny enough James Maslow, their friend of the Big Time Rush days, was the winner of the iheart contest in 2017. If you’d like to show some love and vote for them go here: Macy’s iheart radio Rising Star

(It’s as easy as choose your method of voting then click use all 50 votes!)

Keep up with Kendall and Dustin!

Your guide to all Heffron Drive Music:

  1. Happy Mistakes and Happy Mistakes Unplugged

2. Slow Motion EP

3. All of the Heffron Drive singles

4. The Myspace days, back from the OG 2008 music. (although not on streaming services, here’s a playlist from youtube)

I have always been a fan of these guys, they are always so fun to meet and see live. I would like to say I’m unbiased, but let’s be honest I’m not; these guys definitely deserve to win the Macy’s contest. If you have just a moment to vote it would be greatly appreciated. These guys work so hard and it shows. I think Heffron Drive is amazing and the best has yet to come. I know the world will love HD and I can’t wait to see them grow even more and get the recognition they deserve.

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