Tell Me You Love Me Tour

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Tell Me You Love Me Tour was even more epic than the last! I mean I knew it keeps getting better but, it was freaking amazing! It’s crazy, after Demi now being around for ten years you’d think you’d miss hearing old songs ,but I never gave it a second thought. Tell Me You Love Me was just one amazing album, It’s literally all I listened to after the concert. Although I think we can all agree we could hear Demi sing us the dictionary and we would walk away happy and amazed.


  1. My all time favorite vocals on the album – You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore.

2. Daddy Issues and Sexy Dirty Love were even more fun live! I mean what more can I say other than bop after bop!

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3. We all love audience participation but I do have to say I think the majority of the tour was a little bit throw off during Heart Attack. Demi had everyone repeating “You make me gloooOOOW” but everyone kept going to the next line. No worries everyone caught on eventually.

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But other than that everyone was spot on. I loved hearing everyone sing in harmony.


4. Demi strutted around the arena in the beginning of Confident with her game face on.

*jenna marbles voice* ” WHO YOU FIGHTIN



5. During Games, Demi’s dancers were all dressed up like her and scattered throughout the arena so you couldn’t tell which one was her. It was a fun play and it reminded me of A from Pretty Little Liars with the black hoods.😂

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Who’s the real A??



6. Cry Baby…the song of our generation. (Could you tell it’s one of my favorites?)

And of course we can’t talk about the TMYLM tour without mentioning Lonely, DANG GURL.

7. Enchame La Culpa was surprisingly really fun. I love the song and it was funny attempting to do the part of the dance, the dancers tried to teach us at the Cast meeting.

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8. Hearing Demi be so vulnerable is always a refresher and a reminder of reality. She has been so vocal about her struggles and what she believes in and it is amazing to hear. You can always clearly hear that she puts emotion into all of her music. Hearing Father and Smoke and Mirrors live were beautiful.

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San Diego • #tellmeyoulovemetour

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9. Sorry Not Sorry, even more fun and amazing live!

10. Tell Me You Love Me, I LOVED the chorus in the background and hearing the audience sing along. And of course how could I forget, yet another amazing song that shows of Demi’s vocals. This was an amazing way to end the show.

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Demi, you’ve done it once again! Until next time!

PS. I’ve come to the conclusion maybe I should be using a thesaurus daily considering the only adjectives my brain can think of are all millennial twitter talk. I sincerely apologize.

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