Angel|You Need This on Your Watchlist NOW

For some, you’re most likely already familiar with this, however for those out there who didn’t know until now, Buffy The Vampire Slayer was/still is an AMAZING show! If you have not seen it,it is a must watch!!!!! ( I cannot emphasize this enough). For a full description check out my description post here, but in three words it can be described as friends, demons and drama.

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However, I’m not here to make a second post about how much I loved watching Buffy but to emphasize the fact that you also have to watch the spin-off show, Angel. To start, Angel (the vampire with a soul) has gone to LA and starts Angel Investigations, helping the helpless, ridding people of their demon problems and trying to solve his own, with some friends of course (some new ones and of course some old ones from Buffy).

Sometimes spin-offs don’t live up to expectations but this one exceeded mine. Halfway through the first episode I was hooked! And it only got better and better.  It’s both similar and very different to Buffy; it has love, friendship, demon hunting and drama.

PS. I would definitely need to have watched Buffy in order to watch Angel (need character knowledge and reference to what happened in the other show because it’s not all of it is explained) or do the spark notes version lol

Although there isn’t an official trailer, here’s one that I found if you’re lookin for a glimpse into the show, I don’t think it does the show complete justice in showing just how amazing it is so you’ll have to take my word on that. But it is a good intro video, that doesn’t give away some things that happen (that I’ve seen in other videos). Enjoy!

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