The Must Watch Netflix Shows of 2018

As an avid TV watcher, I have seen A LOT of shows. In fact, I feel like i’m running out ones to watch. I can definitely say sometimes I get stuck in a loop of re-watching and re-watching (The Office never gets old). However, when I do branch out and watch something new it’s usually a success. These two Netflix shows I mention are phenomenal. I was sincerely blown away.



Dark is a German sci-fi show, that takes place in 2019, 1986 and 1953. Suddenly children go missing and it then reveals the mystery of the town that has been going on for years. The characters explore not only their everyday life conflicts but the mystery as it unravels and becomes more complicated than they thought.




The show, being set in the late 70s, follows FBI agents Holden and Bill and psychologist Wendy as they interview serial killers in hopes of understanding the psychology of the people and their choices. Throughout the show they also help local police departments with cases that have the officers stumped.


The End of the F**king World

James, a teen who has been killing animals as an hobby, believes he is a psycho and soon decides he wants to take it to the next level…killing a human. He eventually meets Alyssa and realizes she is the one. She proposes they run away and James jumps at the idea in hopes of finding a perfect time to commit the crime… however things don’t exactly go as expected.

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