If Apple Made A New iPod…

I am by no means a tech expert but I had some thoughts on this topic I thought I’d share. Let me know what you think.

Being that most people have a smart phone, having an ipod may seem pointless to some. However, for those who don’t have money for that luxurie, like me, I rely heavily on my ipod. When the ipod was first released it was strictly for music; but as technology evolved it essentially became the iphone minus the phone features (with the exception of imessage to apple users with wifi). A (handheld) portable device I can do all my essentials like picture,video, games, social media etc without having to pay the hefty bills every month.

One thing I’ve started to notice (who knows I could be wrong) is that the ipod is slowly fading out. As someone who relies on my device, my theory is starting to worry me. Being that nowadays everyone needs a device for the basic essentials, the ipod was my easy way in; a one time buy and I didn’t have to worry about anything else. And it was the only way to get all the features the iphone (minus the phone part) and the ipad had that was portable and affordable. However after the 6th generation, there have been no known moves by apple to make a new one or allow the older versions to have an updated ios.

Image result for ipod

Now essentially at first thought one would think, if apple doesn’t see a future for the ipod anymore why would the bother creating a new one. I’d love to see statistics on who still uses it because I have the feeling its dying out. If you think about the main market would probably be for kids considering their parents don’t want them to have a phone yet, but having an ipod can make the child feel as if they have something close enough (although there are kids with iphones…don’t even get me started on that). It’d be nice to say if only apple could do me this one favor and make a better ipod considering I can’t afford an iphone but that’s just unrealistic.  What are your thoughts on the ipod situation?

However if apple did make a new ipod, it might just be similiar to their newer phones. I’d definitely be curious to see what they’d do. Here’s a few things i’d love to see if apple decided to upgrade the ipod.


  • headphone jack! considering the original purpose of the device was listening to music it would make sense for them to leave it however considering, what I believe are unnecessary changes they’ve made like removing usb and sd card slots on their laptops (which in my opinion makes no sense but that’s a whole other discussion on apples way to make more money)and how they removed it on the iphone, I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t have one. I’m really not a fan of the Bluetooth headphones or the fact that you wouldn’t be able to charge and listen at the same time if you have a device without the jack. Especially considering how the battery life of devices isn’t the greatest (especially with the latest ios, who else has noticed that?)
  • better camera (for concert pictures/video)
  • more storage
  • maybe even a slightly larger size similar to the 7+

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