Don’t You Hate It When…

There are always some small things that happen that bother everyone. Here’s a list of some of mine.

  1. When you have an idea then walk into a different room and suddenly forget.
  2. When you want to look up a song but you only remember the tune not the lyrics but you can’t look up lalalala.
  3. When you can’t remember the name of a movie and can’t look it up because you only remember vague scenes.
  4. When you use a new pen and an ink blob comes off.
  5. That moment when you start telling a story and then realize you’re making no sense.
  6. When you give a class presentation and it’s going good and then you say one word weird and hope no one noticed.
  7. When you thought you were doing really good in mario kart and realize you’re looking at the wrong screen. (story of my life!)
  8. When everyone is over the joke but you’re still laughing.
  9. When you have to buy a certain book for a class and then the professor doesn’t even use it.
  10. When you hold down to save a picture from instagram and then remember you can’t.
  11.  When you thought you had your favorite snack left only to find out some ate the last of it.
  12. When you just watched the best show or movie and show it to your friends and they hate it.

These are just a few I could think of, What are some of your pet peeves?

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