The 8 Best Shows to Watch This Fall

Fall is approaching and if you’re in need of some shows to watch, here’s the list for you. I’m not quite sure what constitutes a Fall show, sometimes they just have that fall feel  and some of them are just creepy, not Halloween related but it has that dark feel to ease you into the season.  These are some of my favorites that I love watching around this time of the season; I even split them up between the lighthearted shows vs. the dark ones.


1.That 70s Show

This show is HILARIOUS! It’s all about a group of friends and all their life antics.


2.What I Like About You

Another hilarious show! It’s all about Holly going out to live with her sister and all the normal and crazy things they get into!


3.Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Perfect to easing yourself into the Halloween spirit. Just a teenage witch balancing her powers and her average day to day life.

4.How I Met Your Mother

Just a classic, funny and real show about a group of friends in NYC.


5.Teen Wolf

Balancing school and supernatural life, I honestly don’t even know how they do it. Although there are plenty of comic relief moments the show definitely has that creepier feel to it without being too freaky. Definitely a good mix of drama, thriller and friendship goals. The best seasons are 2 and 3!

6.The Following 

A show that will have you on the edge of your seat and also somewhat freaked out and happy this isn’t you life. A retired police office out to catch a serial killer and his cult that escaped from prison.


A mystery drama that you will love! As the story unravels you get more and more involved in what could happen next.


8.A Series of Unfortunate Events

Definitely a darker toned show about a crazy man who is now responsible for three kids who are very skeptical of his intentions.


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