Big Time Rush: Where Are They Now?

Now it hasn’t been crazy crazy long since Big Time Rush ended, and for anyone who still loves and follows the boys they know all the deets on what everyone is up to. But in case there is anyone who is curious, I thought I’d make this post to let everyone know. You’ll definitely want to check out the individual projects they’ve been working on because they’re amazing!


Kendall has a band Heffron Drive with his best friend Dustin Belt. They started before Big Time Rush but had to put it on hold during the BTR days.

Image result for heffron drive

Their music is amazing and completely different than BTR’s. They have plenty of amazing music out for you to listen to, and I also suggest looking up their stuff from 2008 on youtube too (because it’s just as great as their new stuff). And if you ever get a chance to seem them live, do it! They’re AMAZING!

Follow them on Twitter: Kendall, Dustin

Kendall also does Koffee Time With Kendall on his insta/fb on mondays: Kendall


After BTR James, went on Dancing with the Stars (and was AMAZING).

Image result for james maslow dancing with the stars

At first he was keeping up with his Youtube Channel for a while.

He was also working on a few movies such as Seeds of Yesterday and 48 Hours to Live Then he started working on his music and released his debut album How I Like It!

The most recent update with James is he just won Macy’s Rising Star contests and will be opening for a huge I Heart Radio show!

Follow James on twitter: James


Since BTR Carlos has also been on Dancing With The Stars with his wife Alexa!

Image result for carlos and alexa dancing

Right before BTR ended he released his first sing Electrico and recently he’s released his song Besame.

He also has the cutest baby EVER!

View this post on Instagram

#AD Believe it or not, Alexa and I wanted a girl. But when we found out that we had a little boy on the way… all I could think about was the “dude” adventures we would be having together. With our move to Maui about to happen we needed to find the perfect stroller. One that could fit in the car. Travel on planes. But most importantly, cruise comfortably and EASILY on rock, sand or wherever else our adventures led us. @Target made it easier than ever finding the right fit for our family. We literally went in and tried SO many out. Right there in the store. I mean who doesn’t love a test drive? We ended up with the #Evenflo #CharlestonJogger. It’s perfect!! Grateful for the easy transition into fatherhood thanks to @Target #HelloMama Now there is no place we can’t go as a family 🙂 Click the link in my bio to check out all they have to offer!

A post shared by Carlos PenaVega (@therealcarlospena) on

Carlos also had been vlogging with Alexa!

With their recent move to Maui they haven’t been making a ton of videos but Carlos also went to work on a Hallmark movie with Alexa and then will be off to film the new CW show Life Sentence with Lucy Hale.

Follow Carlos on Twitter: Carlos


Since BTR Logan has since released his debut song Sleepwalker! No word on when we’ll be getting more new music yet.

Follow Logan on twitter: Logan


Click here for the updated post on BTR!

8 thoughts on “Big Time Rush: Where Are They Now?

    1. i wish! they’ll probably reunite someday later after their individual stuff takes off, just look at the 90s boybands coming back now, you never know! maybe they’ll get a vegas residency in 20 years with the jonas brothers and one direction lol


    1. and so do vampires, what about it! Lol comments like this are so funny bcuz if you don’t like people why are you actively searching and reading articles about them.
      Anyways always remember,
      It’s the only life you got so you gotta live it big time!
      – Gustavo Rock


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