Jake Miller Balloon Fest Highlights!

This Saturday I went down to the Balloon Festival in NJ to see Jake Miller! I was so excited to see him again since it had been a couple years, here are some of my favorite moments!

1. I always love seeing Jake however this m&g I somehow forgot how to speak and instead of telling him “2 AM in LA is my shit” it came out “2alemenLA”

2.Halfway is one of my favorites from the new album 2 AM in LA, so I was hype when I got to hear it live!

3.Palm Blvd is another favorite of mine from the album and it was just as amazing live!

4. Lost Time: Yes I am aware I have a million favorites but this is in my top 3.

5. If you haven’t heard Rumors or Yellow Lights, just know they’re BOPS. It was one of my highlights of the day!


6. Back to the Start is another fun one from the album, it’s probably the song closest to his OG songs.

Overall it was another amazing show! I love Jake and his music and I’m so happy I got to see him live again!


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