Alex Russo had a Double Life? | Conspiracy Theory

Throughout the TV land there have been many mistakes that are caught by fans and never explained. Recently an old theory has resurfaced on tumblr regarding Selena Gomez.

Selena played Mikayla in Hannah Montana, Yet when she returned for Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana she was Alex Russo. They speculate she used her powers to have an alter popstar ego. hmmm… sound familiar?

Image result for uncle kelbo shakira

Looks like if this theory was true, she wasn’t the only one in the Russo family to use that trick. Still can’t believe Shakira is actually Uncle Kelbo!

But since we’re bringing up this episode, let’s not forget Selena was also on Suite Life back in the day too…

Image result for selena gomez on suite life of zack and cody

Disney doesn’t always do the best job at covering their tracks. In the movie episode Dan Benson’s, character Zack was a year older than Justin but then he is suddenly Zeke and is in the same grade.

Image result for zeke wizards

What are some unintentional mistakes you’ve seen in shows or movies?

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