Jake Miller Tag

Jake Miller is one of my favorite people/artist, I’m so proud of all he’s done and I love looking back at old memories throughout the years of being a fan. So I decided to do the Jake Miller tag! When did you first find Jake? My best friend had been telling me about him for […]

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2 AM in LA| Music Monday 7

Jake Miller probably just brought out one of the best albums of 2017. Jake with the help of a few friends, spent time in his home studio creating his latest album 2 AM in LA. Its fun, honest and AMAZING! View this post on Instagram Remixing my own songs 😈 Made a "Sleeping With Strangers" […]

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Alex Russo had a Double Life? | Conspiracy Theory

Throughout the TV land there have been many mistakes that are caught by fans and never explained. Recently an old theory has resurfaced on tumblr regarding Selena Gomez. http://wayfaringandwhatnot.tumblr.com/post/146581626199/what-she-says-im-fine-what-she-means-selena Selena played Mikayla in Hannah Montana, Yet when she returned for Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana she was Alex Russo. They speculate she used her […]

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