Underrated Music Acts | The Vamps and Austin Mahone

If there’s one thing I appreciate its music acts that have two factors, amazing live vocals and energy.  I have seen many amazing performers so far and it’s been quite a while since I had a chance at “firsts” until this year. I recently attended kfest to see The Vamps and Austin Mahone and they put on an amazing show.

The Vamps have always been a favorite of mine and I was so hyped to finally get to see them. For those who are not familiar The Vamps consists of Brad, James, Tristan and Connor (who unfortunately couldn’t make it this trip) all from the UK.  They have 2 studio albums with their next coming very soon this July.  I had the biggest smile on my face when they came out on stage. Half of my videos are me screaming the lyrics but that’s alright I was having the time of my life.

The Setlist (the order might be off a bit)

Wake Up

Wild Heart

Somebody to You

Can We Dance

Middle of The Night

All Night

I’d definitely say one of the highlights was Somebody to You ft Brad’s booty shake.

One of my favorite hype moments was Can We Dance. I’d been waiting to hear that song live for years and it was so much fun. They had so much energy and it was freaking amazing. Brad even ran all around the crowd to greet the fans around the pavilion.


Brad played piano for a bit of Middle of The Night and the chorus was so hype.

Matoma who is featured on All Night had Brad come out during his set for sneak peek at their new song.

Overall The Vamps’ set had so much energy and I can’t wait till they come back for more fun.

I definitely recommend checking them out!


I’ve known about Austin for a while now and used to listen to him back in 2014, so I was excited when I found out I was going to see him.

He played a lot of fun songs, my favorite was Dirty Work!

Austin put on an amazing performance, constantly making sure people were out of their seats having a good time. And he had hella dance moves! My other favorites were What About Love and Mmm Yeah.



Overall The Vamps and Austin had amazing vocals and energy and if you haven’t seen them live yet I highly suggest you do. This was a great way to kick off the summer!

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