Liam Payne Saved My Life? | Weird Dreams

I’ve had some crazy weird dreams over the years. Soo odd I wonder how my mind even puts them together. But, it’s definitely made for some funny entertainment. Here are some of my craziest dreams about One Direction and some stories behind them.

#1   Cheeto Hand

My friend and I saw Zayn and went up to him to say hi. The only problem was I had Cheeto dust on my hands…but that didn’t stop Zayn from shaking my hand.

I’m honestly not even sure about this one…

#2 Talk to the Hand

Niall and Louis were hanging out in my room and we were talking about Demi Lovato, when they said mean things about her I did the talk to the hand motion and said “Ugh, we’re no longer friends.”

I guess if this dream proved anything to me it’s that I was willing to unfriend two of my favorite people because they didn’t like Demi.

#3 The Hero: Liam Payne

My sister and I were being chased by zombie’s, one being Kendall (from Big Time Rush/HeffronDrive). My sister and I went into a room thinking we were safe when suddenly the other person was a zombie too. It was shot and when we look behind us to see who shot it, it was Liam.

Now this dream is definitely makes me laugh the most because back in high school when I took psychology we had to over analyze a dream we had and I picked this one. I wonder how crazy my teacher thought I was. I did however realize that the reason Liam saved me in my dream (other than the fact I was having a fav celebrity in my dream) was because this is when he first got his military like haircut.

#4 Drooling Problem

I was in something that looked like an airport or a mall and I spotted Niall and Zayn. So, of course I went over to say hi and get a picture. Niall was my normal interaction however when I met Zayn and we were trying to get a picture, I was drooling from one side of my mouth. But not just a drool, it was like a non-stop hose, just a ton of water.

I’m pretty positive the main reason I had a dream I was drooling was because I watched the episode of Austin and Ally were Austin had to pretend he had a drooling problem.



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