5 Reasons You’ll Love These 5 Classic TV Shows

If there’s any quality that can attest to an amazing TV series it’s if it’s rewatchable, something you never get tired of, the jokes, the moments never tire out. I have watched hundreds of shows but the following shows (in no particular order) are my all-time favorite, that I re watch on loop and some of the things they all have in common that I think keep us rewatching and rewatching.

1. That 70s Show

2. Friends

3. Parks and Recreation


4. The Office


5. How I Met Your Mother


What are 5 things that all these TV shows have in common that we love?

1.  Friendship Goals

Every show contains a group of people who love or grow to love each other and their quirks. Through time and time again they make sacrifices, lend a helping hand, and listen to each other because they care. We love watching the friendships develop and grow because we all want or have a friend(s) like in the shows.

2. Relatable Characters

It doesn’t matter who you are, you all know someone who has or you have a similaritie(s) to one of the characters in every show.

3. Hilarious Antics

All of the shows have funny characters, jokes, funny situations etc that have us laughing for days. Even if we’ve seen it a million times it never gets old.

How I Met Your Mother

4. OTPs

Every show has a model couple that we all love, or ship together. There’s always people we hope to have a relationship like one day and we admire their love and understanding of each other.

5. The Lessons

Although the shows have their comedic people and moments, there are many lessons that we learn from the characters and their experiences throughout their arch. Some are simple, some are more elaborate, but everyone who has watched any of these shows can name a few they’ve learned.



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