State Champs Hometown Show

State Champs returned for another sold out hometown show on Saturday May 13th at Upstate Concert Hall, and it was an incredible show. For those who are not familiar State Champs are a pop punk band from Albany,NY. The band consists of  Tyler Szalkowski, Derek DiScanio, Evan Ambrosio, Tony Diaz and Ryan Scott Graham.

This being my first State Champs show I wasn’t sure what to expect. It doesn’t matter if you were I guess the best way to put it is a fangirl, or just a local fan coming out to have a good time with friends, together the amount of love and support was so awesome to witness. From seeing people jam out, sing their hearts out, get excited when they played old songs that the OG fans knew, crowd surf, it was crazy. Oh and lets not forget when Derek encouraged a circle pit, which for those who don’t know is when people just run in a circle (yeah its as funny as it sounds).

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@statechampsny Great show last night!

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It is so amazing to see how much love they have for their hometown, and how much love the hometown has for them. You’ve got people who have known about them forever and you’ve got fans who’ve discovered them along the way. They seem really down to earth and chill and they are so genuine. It’s really cool to have an amazing band representing the 518 all around the world. These guys are majorly talented and have an amazing career ahead of them.

My sister is obsessed with them and loves seeing/meeting them anytime they do a show here. She’s always told me I should listen to them, but being into pop such as one direction, selena,demi etc, I didn’t think it would be my style. The one day I actually decided to listen to them, I was actually surprised I liked the music. When we ended up with an extra ticket to the show I decided to go. I surprised myself and knew more lyrics than I thought I would, which definitely made the show fun. one of my favorite parts of concerts is when the crowd is singing in harmony, i love it!

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i fell asleep in a city that doesn't 🌃 @statechampsny

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These guys put on an great show! Their energy on stage is amazing! If you haven’t checked out their music yet, or gone to show, you need to! Derek said they’ll be returning home to work on the new album so keep up with them on twitter for more fun and updates: State Champs,Derek, Tyler, Evan, Ryan,Tony.

At the Q&A they said if they had to add someone to the band it would be Bruno Mars so obviously I made this amazing (crappy) edit

state ch bruno.jpg

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