The A-List Game

Bus rides at 6am can sometimes be a snooze fest, but it never has to be that way all the time. Being the celebrity obsessed people that we were (still are…) ,my friend created a game to add some more fun to our bus rides to school and it only requried us to do the one thing we already did, keep up with our favorite people.  My best description of it is a fun, easy version of survivor or total drama island minus the gross things.

Here is the jist of the game:

Each person picks a group of  celebrities to be on their team, for every task the celebrity completes you get a certain amount of points. At the end of each time period you add up the points each individual celebrity got on your team, as well as adding all the total points you have. Whatever team has the most points at the end of each time period is the winner. The losing team has to kick off the celebrity who had the least amount of points. The last person standing wins.

Scroll down for a Step by Step process ⬇️

We had so much fun playing this game during the school weeks. It is defintely a fun, and slightly competive game. Back when we played it I won with Victoria Justice and my friend had to put Sinjin from Victorious as his facebook profile pic for 24 hours (in case you couln’t tell by the outdated show and social media, it’s definitely been a long time since we played this😂):


Step 1: Pick Your Teams

Have everyone choose their group of celebrities (note: you must have different people on each team, no repeats). You can decide how many are on each team depending on how long you want the game to be.

Step 2: Choose Your Scoring System

Depending on who you have on your team you will have to choose how many points the celebrities get for each task. For example, you could assign 2 points for every tweet a celebrity posts and 5 points if  a new episode of their show airs etc. You can include anything from tweets, instagram posts, snapchats, a new tv episode, new music, new book, new youtube video etc and assign each of those points for every time someone completes one of those tasks.

Step 3:  Chose Your Time Period

You can choose to have each round of the game go for a week, a few days etc.

Step 4: Choose Your Forefit

This is not a necessary step but it can be a fun one. Choose what the forfeit will be for the loser(s) of the game. It can be anything you like, such as put something embarrassing as a profile picture, let someone tweet from your account and more.

Step 5: Play

Keep track of your celebrity activity within the time period of each round. At the end of each round meet up and compare. Make sure you keep tabs on each of the celebrities individual points and also add up your team’s points as a whole. Whatever team has the least amount of points must eliminate their celebrity with the least amount of points. The last one standing wins!

Step 6: Alternative Elimation

The regular game is that if you lose the round you have to eliminate the celebrity with lowest points. You can also decide to play where you can choose between the two lowest scoring celebrities on your team to eliminate. This can be to your benefit if you know someone has potential for more points going into the next round as compared to your other option.

Hope you enjoy! Feel free to let me know if you have any more questions about the game.


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