Big Time Dreams

I have had some crazy dreams in my lifetime…crazy…weird, whatever adjective you prefer to call them. The unconscious mind is an interesting thing. I’m still not entirely sure how one odd thing gets put with another but I have to say it’s pretty interesting. Not all dreams have some deep meaning to them but it’s still fun think about. But for the sake of the internet’s laughs lets analyze some of my dreams, all having to do with the one, the only Kendall Schmidt (from Heffron Drive and Big Time Rush).

#1 Big Time Sleepover

Dream: Big Time Rush’s tour bus broke down and they needed a place to stay the night. Somehow they found my house and asked if they could stay for the night. Of course, I was going to let them stay! I was talking to Kendall at my dining room table whilst the rest of the band were going to get their mattress’ to bring into the house; suddenly a high school musical song was playing from Kendall’s phone. I went to look at his phone to see what song it was and he quickly moved it away.

I think most of this dream was pretty much my dream scenario, hanging out with my favorite band.  Maybe I think that everyone is so secretive with their phones since he wouldn’t let me look at his. Or maybe there was a message in the HSM song that was playing, If only I remembered that song😂 Dang Kendall, I just wanted to know the name of the song.

#2 Tour Dates…Sorry I’ve got a Towel Date

Dream: I was so excited for the new Heffron Drive tour dates. I was waiting on Kendall’s twitter for the announcement. Finally the dates were revealed and I went to my dad to see if he’d be able to drive to me to the show…Only for my dad to say “sorry, I can’t, I’ll be folding towels that day.”

According to some dream dictionaries towels can represent a new start, which could have to do with me seeing Heffron Drive for the first time since BTR ended. Either that or I think my dad is a crazy neat freak. 😂


Dream: I was on the “road” except instead of a car I was driving on a matress, magic carpet style…in an empty tunnel. My matress was running out of fuel so I went to stop at a gas station and I met Kendall there. I got a hug and talk with him briefly and it was really nice.

This was probably the oddest dream out of all of them. According to a dream dictionary a tunnel can have to do with pursuing of a goal, in this case it was to meet Kendall, which not only in my dream but I can finally say I’ve met him twice IRL.


Dreams are a fun, entertaining place, hope you enjoyed reading some of my odd dreams and trust me there’s plenty more to come.


One thought on “Big Time Dreams

  1. Hehe… I once had a dream where I asked Kendall if I could take a pic of his armpit… No idea why, I never ever even had thoughts like this. Anyway, he let me. 😀

    Also I got to hug him a few times in my dreams. Best dreams ever.

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