7 Shows Cancelled Too Soon

Being an avid TV watcher I’ve seen so many amazing shows come and go. If there is one thing that makes me upset, it’s when amazing TV shows get cancelled after the first or second season. We’re left with a cliff hanger for the rest of our lives. Here are some of my favorite shows that were cancelled too early…

1.The Lying Game (ABC Family)

The Lying Game follows Emma, a foster child that soon finds out she has an identical twin, Sutton, who was raised to a wealthy family. When Emma and Sutton first meet, Sutton convinces Emma to take her place whilst she goes off to search for their birth mother. When Sutton doesn’t return, Emma is conflicted with revealing who she really is to the family or keeping the secret. Throughout the show there are many secrets revealed and many conflicts between all the characters that keep you on your toes. This show was shock after shock and the finale was crazy. The show was canceled after two seasons. Although The Lying Game was based on the book series, it is much different from the show, so unfortunately we’re left unsolved questions.

2.Eye Candy (MTV)

Eye Candy followed Lindy, a tech savvy girl who was convinced by her roommate to get out there and start online dating. Soon she realizes she has an online stalker. SHe gets together with her friends, some of which that are hackers to try to solve all the murders he committed. The stalker harasses Lindy and so many other people as well. Lindy deals with this serious problem whilst trying to solve the mystery of her sisters kidnapping that happened a few years back. This show was an amazing thriller. Although the end had conclusion with her stalker, we were still left with some questions. There is still so much potential MTV could’ve pursued with this show;(after all look how long Pretty Little Liars went on ABC Family) ; They could’ve squeezed one more season out.

3.Twisted (ABC Family)

The story follows Danny who was charged with killing his aunt at eleven years old. After years in juvie at sixteen, he returns to school in his hometown. He tries to reignite friendships but people are left with an unsettling feeling. He soon becomes a prime suspect for one of his classmates murder. He is attempting to clear his name because it is obvious that the town wants him locked up not matter what. Throughout the show you find hidden secrets and more drama as Danny is trying to go about life and his old friend Jo becomes curious about Danny. This show was a great mystery and it was so fun to learn the new facts about everyone and how things correlate with one another.

4.Nine Lives of Chloe King (ABC Family)

Chloe, the main character soon realizes she somehow obtained cat-like powers, she has nine lives, speed etc. She notices a shadow following her and begins to investigate only to find out she was from an ancient race, Mai. She meets others and finds out she has to protect them from human assassins. She deals with everything from high school drama to Mai drama and there were so many interesting secrets revealed as they find out why people are doing the things they’re doing. I was so sad to see this show because it had a crazy cliffhanger, I just wanted to know more!

5.Jane by Design (ABC Family)

Jane lands her dream fashion job while she’s still in high school. Her best friend Billy was always by her side and soon it seems like they were just being pulled in different directions. Jane had to face the drama between high school, friendships, the fashion world and more. The story was fun and there was definitely more that could’ve been expanded on.

6.Tower Prep (Cartoon Network)

An exclusive school for people with special abilities, no one knows how they got there or how to get out. Most just go about their day, going to class etc, however a group of friends start to become curious about everything and start searching for answers. Throughout the series a program by the school called Whisper seems to have life-like characteristics and tries to help out the kids with finding information or saving them in a crunch. They just want to return back home. This was an amazing sci-fi show! It left you wanting more but CN canceled it along with its other live-action series Unnatural History (another one of my favorites). There were so many interesting things left to find out, and the show was left with a cliff hanger, just when you think they’ve solved something another sketchy thing comes up. I would’ve love to see what was next for the show.

7.Tera Nova (Fox)

Earth was overpopulated and becoming almost unlivable. Scientist find a way to transport people back in time to when the earth was fresh. Jim Shannon manages to get his family through to start a new life. His wife Elisabeth is chosen to work for the medical unit and Jim convinces the commander Taylor that he would be an asset to the police. Along with the main community, Tera Nova there is a oposing one that call themselves the sixers that live beyond the community walls. The sixers work with the corporate people back home to try to drain that earth of its resources to return them back to their original earth. throughout the show Tera Nova face many problems inside the community, with the sixers and other outsiders and also the dinosaurs that roam the surrounding lands. This show was one of the most amazing shows I’ve seen but from what I’ve seen production costs for the show were too high so it had to be canceled after just one season.

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