The A-List Game

Bus rides at 6am can sometimes be a snooze fest, but it never has to be that way all the time. Being the celebrity obsessed people that we were (still are…) ,my friend created a game to add some more fun to our bus rides to school and it only requried us to do the one […]

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5 Must See Song Parodies

If there’s anything better than hit songs, it’s their parodies. Computernerd01 on Youtube has made a lot of parodies in the beginning of his Youtube days and has continued to throw one in here and there since then. The parodies are hilarious, and even though most of them are from 7 years ago I can guarantee […]

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Big Time Dreams

I have had some crazy dreams in my lifetime…crazy…weird, whatever adjective you prefer to call them. The unconscious mind is an interesting thing. I’m still not entirely sure how one odd thing gets put with another but I have to say it’s pretty interesting. Not all dreams have some deep meaning to them but it’s […]

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7 Shows Cancelled Too Soon

Being an avid TV watcher I’ve seen so many amazing shows come and go. If there is one thing that makes me upset, it’s when amazing TV shows get cancelled after the first or second season. We’re left with a cliff hanger for the rest of our lives. Here are some of my favorite shows […]

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