If I Ever Did That, I Think I’d Have a Laugh Attack

We all have really embarrassing memories from middle school; and every time I think about this moment I cringe. But what better place to share this story than the internet.

When I was in the 8th grade, I found out we were watching An American Tail in social studies. Being the 5 year old I was, I was hella excited because I loved the movie when I was a kid.

When I got to social studies I was way too hype. When my teacher said we were watching this movie I literally was clapping like London Tipton when she says “Yay Me!”

Which my teacher then followed with “this is a movie for 5 year olds.” (we get it I’m a 5-year-old lol). Now I don’t remember if there was something funny in the movie or something funny a kid said but all the kids were laughing. But I of course kept laughing after every one else was done. And not just your average laugh… a silent laugh with a very obnoxious wheeze. I remember my friend saying how all the kids were staring at me. I could not stop laughing. My teacher even asked “are you ok? Can you breathe?”

This is for sure one of my most embarrassing moments. Everyone staring at me, I’m dying of laughter, everyone thinks I’m crazy. I wonder what people thought about me after that. That was definitely not the end of my crazy laugh attacks.

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