10 Things I Don’t Get About House of Anubis

In re-watching House of Anubis I noticed some funny things that make no sense. Here are my top 10:

1.Nina looked through the telescope for bowling allies?

There is one episode where Nina is looking through a telescope with Fabian to reveal a new clue, they get caught out of their rooms by Victor. When asked what they were doing Nina used the excuse they were just using it to look for bowling allies…ya know the usual…who needs google when you’ve got a telescope?

2.How they didn’t kicked out for all the school they missed.

With all the adventures they skipped school they went on you’d think they would’ve been kicked out. I do remember them getting a warning from the teachers.

3. In season 2 They were underground doing the hopscotch challenge and they got it wrong. The wall started closing and they were all freaking out about how they were going to get stuck there. Then of course right before they decide to try to slide under it Nina is looking through the bit that hasn’t closed yet freaking out. Like girl… you wanna get out so bad try not wasting your time and slide under it already!

4. Victor is living for all this time yet chooses to be this headmaster of anubis house, I know he wants the elixir of life but bruh how long was he planning waiting around to solve these clues to try to find it. And why did he want to live forever anyway. He already has no friends, dedicates his life to being a grump and hates his job. What was he gonna do try to rule the world? Seems like a waste of time to me.

5. Joy was “kidnapped” in the first season, was on lockdown, couldn’t talk or tell her friends where she was. She was used for a ceremony because they thought she was the chosen one… and then had to go back the next year as if nothing happened.

6. This coincides with #5: Everyone knows everyone who was involved with the craziness. Yet everyone goes back acting normal as if they weren’t living and going to school with adults who are a part of this obsession for eternal life etc. And nobody was gonna call the police? I mean then again who would believe all the crazy shit they went through. especially Rufus…now he was the ultimate creeper.

7. My biggest question is how did Mr. Sweety get into this. We definitely saw a dark side to him at one point but overall he seemed like a good guy. Maybe he just fell into the wrong crowd?

8. Did anyone else notice Mick was truly the only one left out of Sibuna. The last season Mara found out, in the last special the newbie kids were involved. Poor Mick moved to Australia and missed out but also I’m sure he’d be grateful he was left out of it all.

9. Why didn’t Eugene Simon get a pop career from his performance of She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain…ok this one was just for laughs but it’s one of the funniest moments in the show.

10. Fabian thought Joy was Nina? At the masquerade dance Nina and Joy were wearing the same dress. Fabian kissed Joy thinking it was Nina… as if a mask really makes it hard to tell who some is. They don’t even have the same hair color.. oh Fabian if only you were smarter.

Hope you enjoyed the weird things I’ve noticed in HOA. It’s all in good fun and it’s funny to think of how different the laws of the TV world versus what would happen if it was actually reality. What were some weird things you’ve noticed in a TV show?

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