The Black Mirror Episode that Should Exist

Back when I was younger my cousin made up this crazy story that happened to him and I remember being left in awe, until I was older and of course realized it never happened. But recently I remembered it and thought “THIS WOULD MAKE AN AMAZING BLACK MIRROR EPISODE.” For those not familiar with the show Black Mirror, it is probably the craziest mind twisting show you will watch. It is basically a science fiction show, where every episode is a different story in different realities, situations and consequences. It ranges from technology to personal situations and problems. In a way it’s kind of like and adult Goosebumps minus the silliness, but similar in the twist endings. Each episode leaves you thinking about it afterwards.

Here is the crazy story I was told when I was younger that I think would make a very interesting episode:

The idea was that a random black hole would appear in the backyard. And if you happened to fall in it you would basically be in a tall circular black room and have to figure out a way to climb out. The wall was made of metal and if you were lucky you would get magically get these magnetic gloves or hooves to be able to latch on to the wall and get yourself out. If you didn’t you’d be stuck there forever. Now this part of the story I’m a bit foggy on but if you didn’t succeed in getting out, the walls would turn into a big screen and you would either live with your virtual reality family or you would be able to see your real family but they couldn’t see you also like a VR experience.

Kids definitely have a very good imagination, looks like maybe we should take some of their ideas for tv/movies. 😂


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