Say What?

We’ve all had meet and greets that’ve gone weird.  I know I have PLENTY. Especially when one person doesn’t hear the other or someone doesn’t get a joke. Although these next stories aren’t mine, I do feel like I should share because I was there to witness them. Back in November of 2015 The Vamps came to FYE to do a quick signing before heading to their show in Poughkeepsie.  We were so excited to finally meet them for a quick moment because we’d never been able to see them before.

First my sister went up to Brad and had said that she was excited to finally meet him because we’d never seen them live yet (and still haven’t…forever waiting). He replied “Did you go to the show last night?” I was next up after my sister and heard everything and was trying to hold in my laughter because I know he definitely didn’t hear her right. It can definitely be hard to hear at these events trust me I had an a crazy awkward moment with Zach from Allstar Weekend back when I was 16 because we couldn’t hear each other (that’s a whole other story).  Although I wouldn’t consider it an awkward moment it was definitely kind of funny.

Now here’s the embarrassing story. My mom was at the signing with us; since my friend was unable to go she was going to get the album signed for him. My mom doesn’t really get to meet any bands we’re into so she was excited. The only song she remembered of theirs was Oh Cecilia (because for those who don’t know it has a sample from a song from the 70s).  So she went up to Brad and said “Hi, I’m Cecilia and I’m breaking your heart.” I was super embarrassed because my sister and I told her before YOU CAN’T SAY THAT NOO. But she did… Brad goes “Cecilia?” I could tell he definitely didn’t get the joke. 😂

We all have these odd moments in life, although we always hope things go normally you do get good stories when they don’t. Hope you enojyed reading these two. Hopefully the next time the family meets Brad all goes normal. 😂

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