Sorry Litchfield…

Concert road trips are one of the greatest times of the year, but coming back home after the excitement can be a bit sad because your amazing night had just ended. Back in 2014, we went to Connecticut to see Demi Lovato on the Neon Lights Tour. It was a great show but I can honestly say that I barely remember anything because my memory files were overridden with what happened afterwards…getting lost on the way back home. It is a crazy and funny story that I knew I had to share on the 3 year anniversary of the happening.

My mom took the wrong exit and neither of my parents thought to back track; they thought they’d be able to figure a way home from where we had made the wrong turn. It’s 2am, we are lost, and we should’ve already been home at this point. We had no idea where we were. The best way to describe our surroundings was it looked like an abandoned colonial town, like we got lost in the wrong century and NOTHING was open. Nowhere to go in to ask directions or even pee…oh yeah I forgot to mention my sister had to go so bad, it was almost beyond the point of holding it.

My dad even tried to look in through the windows to see if anyone was in this grocery store hoping maybe they’d let us use the bathroom. I’m sure if they looked over any outside security tapes they were probably wondering why a big man was looking through the window of a grocery store at 2am. My sister was about to be at her breaking point so my mom kept driving around to see if there was a spot we could stop and park so she could go outside…yup you read that right OUTSIDE…when nature calls, literally. Well we stopped on a road where there were no houses, however there was a school on top of a hill. So my mom rummaged through the car to find her something to pee in and all she had was a grocery bag, which she later found out had a hole and she ended up ruining her boots. Whilst she was outside, I was talking to my friend in the car, if he wasn’t a part of the family before, he definitely was now. At this time in the night we’re at the point where we’re over tired and had a case of the giggles.

Now to put things in perspective we’re pretty silly and oddly creative on a normal day but once you add this to the night we’re at an all time crazy. Cole Plante (Plan-tay), was a DJ at the concert and we were finding his last name particularity funny. We were putting his name in movie and song titles and dying of laughter: Journey to the center of the Plante, Catching Plante, Wizards of Waverly Plante, Plante Starter, Talk Plante to me…you get the gist. I even decided to tell a story to keep us entertained, we were big Teen Wolf fans at the time so of course I had to incorporate someone from the show. My story was basically how my friend Jason and Colton Haynes would open a vegetarian restaurant called Plante Plante (get it Plante, plant)…yeah I know it sounds crazy but if it ever happens the idea was approved (now say “plante plante” and tell me its not fun to say😂).

After my sister was done, my mom said that it was now or never if you wanted to go. I of course was not going to pee outside in the freezing cold. However my friend Jason had to go. So total that’s now 2 people who peed outside on a street right by a school in Litchfield #sorryLitchfield. Gotta do whatcha gotta do.

Overall this was the worst but funniest nights of them all. We got lost on the road back home, 2 people had to pee outside because there was literally nowhere to go and we were so crazy we entertained ourselves with odd jokes.

The trip was one of those “I’ll laugh about this later” kinda moments although we were all already laughing about it. Eventually we did find a gas station with a Dunkin’ Donuts and were able to get directions. So then, after 6 hours on the road, by 5am we made it home and now we’ll always have this memory, and a lesson to always be prepared for future road trips (we literally have brought a bucket on future trips in case we got into this predicament twice).

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