6 Concert Saving Tips

I’m always saving for concerts 24/7, Here are some of my tips on to best way to go about saving that have worked for me:

1.Make a List

Whether you’re saving for one show or multiple make the list of who you’re saving for, merch and any travel expenses such as hotel, gas, flight etc

2.Set the goal


For each artist set the saving goal for the ticket(s). Usually you have an idea what your goal would be based on prices from previous tours. You also have the choice of different price ranges depending on what is affordable for you/how close you want to be.


For those who planning on getting VIP, you can use previous tours as a base for prices. Every artist is different, some include a ticket and some are just upgrades. Now depending on the rising popularity some VIPs increase each tour so you might want to save extra on top of the previous tour price just to be safe.


If you are going to get merch for the show you’re attending, set a price on how much to save. For example if you know you only want a shirt, (depending on the artist) usually they can be about $40. If you want to have enough in case you see something else you like make sure to set enough aside. Also keep a lookout to see what merch will be there a head of time on social media in case you need to do some last minutue saving.


If you’re going to an out of town concert make sure you are saved for the train, bus or flight tickets or if you’re just driving, the gas. You can usually find the ticket prices online to set as a base goal for the future. As for gas, if you want to get an idea on how much in gas money you’ll need just look up how many miles the drive is, double it (for round trip) then divide it by how many miles per gallon the car gets (I usally use 25 as a standard) then multiply it by the price of gas per gallon (I usually use $4 to be safe even though it’s not that high).


If you’re looking for a base hotel price I usually use $120 but it could be higher depending on the time of year and what kind of hotel you’re staying in. If you’re not staying in the area for other activities and just staying for a place to sleep and drive home in the morning, I suggest going the cheaper route. I usually use Expedia to get an idea of what the best and safest hotels are in the area. It’s always good to look at recent reviews just to make sure the hotel is safe and clean. You can find good hotels at decent prices, and its up to you to decide how far away from the destination it has to be. I’ve stayed at hotels an hour away from the venue and 5 minutes from the venue, its all just preference. Also use any of the travel websites to find the best prices. I also suggest making sure you look for hotels that have free cancelation in case something comes up.


Make the list in the order of which you want to save. You may want to save for one trip first before saving for the next or you could devide to save for tickets for a few shows then travel fees, it’s all really up to you. As for VIP, if you are unsure if you are getting VIP I suggest at least saving for the regular ticket(s) and you can always save more to get VIP if you decide yes. For example, unless I know I definitely want to do VIP, I make sure I’m saved for tickets to other shows/travel expenses before I save for VIP. Obviously your priorities list can be from who will announce tour first to just preference on who you want to be saved for first.

4.Dividing the Money

Next, you’ll want to figure out how often and how much you’re putting towards your concert saving each paycheck. Everyone will have a different routine based on income/personal expenses. For example, if you have bills and other necessary expenses that will take priority as opposed to if you don’t have those obligations.

5.Keeping Track

Always check in on how your saving is doing, every time I put money towards saving I always have a list in my phone or just in a notebook of how much I have saved for each goal and how much more I need to reach the goal.

6. Being Real with Yourself

I think one of the things we do often is buy things we don’t always need. I’ve been saving for concerts for so long I look at things like oh that cost one concert ticket😂. Somehow I’m 21 and my 15 year old sister is the one who tells me YOU DON’T NEED THAT. Everyone is different in how they spend money in their free time, and you can still do all the fun stuff but just be cautious that if you need money for tickets coming up maybe talk yourself out of the money you wanted to spend on extra things that you don’t need right now. My advice is just be aware of the money you spend on extra things. For example last Nov/Dec my family was eating out alot, and it wasn’t until I looked at my statement I realized WOW, $10 here $10 there adds up quicker then you think. With the amount we spent on fast food I could’ve been saved for tickets to another concert. If you like to shop, go to the movies, eat out etc often just be able to be real with yourself on what you actually need and be able to be your own parent and tell yourself you don’t need it!

I hope that these tips were useful to you and best of luck during the concert saving process, trust me the concert makes it all worth it!

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