5 Sci-Fi Shows You Need to Watch

Sci-Fi has always been a fascinating genre and there are some amazing TV shows out there. They cover everything from the supernatural, the future and different realities, that’s what makes them so captivating.  In my opinion nothing is better than getting to binge watch them; no need to wait a week to see what happens next, it’s all there. Here are some of my all-time favorite sci-fi shows you’re going to want to watch:

1. Stranger Things

When their friend Will goes missing, the three friends set off trying to find where he could’ve gone. When out on their adventures, they come across a girl who goes by the name, Eleven, who they then befriended and discovered she has psychokinetic abilities. Whilst his friends are looking, Will’s mom, Joyce sets out on her own investigation to find her son. Everyone starts to notice something weird is going on, the story contains secret government experiments and creepy supernatural forces as family and friends set out to solve the mystery.

2. Continuum

In the year 2077, a group of terrorists created a violent plan to go back in time, just before their sentence to stop big corporations from replacing the government for their own selfish needs. Successful in going back in time, they went back a little too early, in present day and unintentionally brought law enforcement Kiera Cameron with them. They continued their plan under the radar, not letting anyone know they were from the future. Although eager to get back home to her family Kiera knew she had to do everything she could to stop the group, because if she didn’t, the home she once knew wouldn’t be the same.

3. Between

A small town is hit with a mysterious disease that has killed anyone 22 or over. The government decides to quarantine the town so now the kids are left to fend for themselves with no outside help. With the troubling times of being alone added with the teenage angst, this leads to various things like wanting to escape although they could spread the virus, not to mention the survival instincts and violence that occurs as they try to attempt to set order. It follows the story of the young adults, how they try to survive all the twist and turns thrown at them.

4. Ascension

The Ascension ship was launched with 600 people on board, a 100 year journey, intended to keep the human race safe for the future. 51 years into the journey they experience their first homicide on the ship. Through the investigation of the crime they start uncovering evidence that makes them question why they are really on the ship in the first place. The passengers start to become curious and start figuring out the secrets about the ship that leads to many interesting twists.

5. Haven

When Audrey Parker, an FBI agent is sent to Maine, she finds herself dealing with something that plagued the town and even her, something supernatural, called the troubles. The troubles were a supernatural phenomenon, different for every person that had it, each caused by an emotional stress. Most of the troubles were harmful to the people and the town. Audrey and the rest of her crew help solve the various cases of the troubles and soon she finds herself more connected with it than she thought.

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