Experience Dangerous Woman Tour: Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has started her Dangerous Woman Tour and it looks AMAZING! Whether you were unable to go or just want to relive the concert I’ve compiled a list of some of the best moments and videos from the tour so you can experience it from home. There are so many amazing things about this tour from the dances to vocals and more!

1.The Setlist

2. Be Alright Dance

Ariana has an amazing dance breakdown that’s so fun to watch. Check it out at 2:40 in this vid!

3.Be Alright Visuals

4. Everyday

5.Bad Decisions

6.Let Me Love You

7.Knew Better Part 2

Ariana sang Knew Better Part 2 which she released on soundcloud after the album was released. Everyone loves this version and I’m so happy she decided to do it on tour!

8.Forever Boy

The choreo to Forever Boy is everything, it went so well with beat, and the platforms with the flashing colors made it even cooler. If you want to check it out go to 3:15 in the video above to check out the performance!


9.One Last Time

This is the first throwback song Ariana does on the setlist.

10.Touch It

I love this visual aspect between the dancing and visuals for this song, it goes so well! And this is also one of the songs that showcase her amazing voals.

11.Leave Me Lonely

12.Female Interlude

Ariana made an amazing and stunning interlude that was all about feminism. Not only did she look stunning but it had an empowering message.

13.Side To Side

Ariana took a note from her music video and recreated it on stage. It’s amazing how she can manage being on an elliptical and still maintain those vocals!

14.Bang Bang

Another fun throwback to the last album!


This looks like such a fun song live. The confetti in the crowd had money with Ariana’s face on it!


16.I Don’t Care

17.Interlude to Moonlight

This angelic interlude leading up to Moonlight is amazing. It seems like it was supposed to be part either part of the song or a song on its own that got cut for the album.


I love the cloud visuals in the background!

19.Love Me Harder

20.Break Free


Another song that just shows what an amazing artist Ari is.

22.Thinking Bout You

This is one of my favorite songs I’ve watched the performance of because her vocals are so AMAZING!

23.Better Days Duet

Ariana brought out her friend and opening act Victoria Monet to perform her song Better Days that Ariana features on!

24.Esta Noche

Ariana brought BIA out on stage to perform her song Esta Noche that Ariana features on!

25.Original Honeymoon Avenue

Ariana treated fans to a performance of the OG Honeymoon avenue that everyone has been asking for!


Ariana switched up the pace of one of her hit singles and it sounded great!

27.Into You

28.Dangerous Woman

29. The Merch

The merch for this tour is amazing!


Ari merch.jpg

30. Ariana

She has so much love for the fans and she worked hard to put on an amazing show!

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Overall this tour looked amazing! Dangerous Woman Tour is definitely a success!


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