Nick Jonas Was My Teacher?

Every now and then I have some weird dreams… and one night I had a dream that Nick Jonas was my teacher. Now to preface this, something about my dream felt like deja vu, like my dream was referencing a dream I’ve already had.

So in a previous dream I had, although I don’t exactly remember having it, Nick was my teacher and at the beginning on the year he told us it was forbidden to call him Mr.Jonas because he hated it.

Later in the year, now getting to my present day dream, I was back in his class. The only thing was, I wasn’t actually in a classroom, I was in my living room talking to him whilst he was in my kitchen. I couldn’t remember what he liked to be called so I accidentally called him Mr.Jonas. And here’s an odd part, as soon as I said it, it all of a sudden hit me like a flashback of him saying he didn’t want to be called that. I immediately regretted it.

Then Nick said in an angry tone ” I can’t believe you said that!” I of course kept apologizing and saying “don’t hate me, I just have a terrible memory.”  Making light of the situation I was joking about showing up to his meet and greet and him telling his security to get rid of me because of what I said. Later we hugged and made up and it was then time to go to school.

For some reason I thought Nick was coming with us so I went to hop in the backseat.  When my sister said he wasn’t going with us I began to walk around the back of the car with intentions of going to the front seat on the opposite side. My mom had asked Nick if he could back the car out of the driveway, at this point I was still behind the car. He backed it up while I was still behind it although I wasn’t being crushed. I was moving back with it almost as if someone was pushing you backwards when you had skates on, it was if I was just rolling back with the car.

Next, I was suddenly in the car and so was Nick. He was sitting in a seat next to me shirtless. He had asked to be dropped off by a hill where he parked his car, and that was the end.

A pretty odd dream if I do say so myself. I either subconsciously think Nick would hate me or my mind is playing some crazy tricks.



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