Dangerous Woman Tour: Ariana Grande

Tomorrow, Ariana Grande embarks on her Dangerous Woman Tour, which kicks off in Phoenix, AZ.  After releasing her Dangerous Woman album in 2016, there has been even more buzz around Ariana. The album was amazing and was her latest single Side to Side is on the Top 100: Billboard list. I’ve gotten the chance to see Ariana on her previous tour and she put on one hell of a show. On twitter she has been tweeting and replying to fans about the tour. There are so many fun things to expect. Here’s a list of what we know so far:

Check out my post with videos and the best moments from ➡️ Dangerous Woman Tour

1.Meet the Dancers


2. Dangerous Woman

The all-time struggle is when you go to see your favorite artists live but you don’t get to hear your favorite off the album; but no need to worry looks like she’ll be performing every song from her latest album.

3. Knew Better

In fall of 2016 Ariana posted part 2 to her song, Knew Better. Although we know she’ll definitely be performing Knew Better/Forever Boy, will she sing part 2 on tour? We’ll just have to wait and find out. (crossing my fingers it’s a yes).

4. Yours Truly

Many fans want Ariana to do some songs back from her first album, looks like she’ll definitely try to throw in some from Yours Truly.


5. Switching It Up

Ariana said she’s going to try to make each night something different. That means a switch up in the setlist whether it be from performing oldies to covers and even possibly new music!

6. Ariana Grande

Ariana is so amazing, not only does she put on an amazing live show, she shows so much love for the fans. Seeing her again will definitely be a highlight for everyone attending.

Overall with the little bit we know, the tour is going to be amazing! For those going I hope you have an amazing time! For those unable to go, at least we’ll have a front row seat on youtube. Tickets available to Dangerous Woman Tour here: https://www.arianagrande.com/tour

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