Rydel: Top 10 Favorite Videos

If you’re looking for a new youtube channel to watch you’re definitely going to want to check out Rydel’s channel. For those who don’t know Rydel is also in the band R5, lately she has been making really fun videos. Rydel has a sweet, fun and silly personality that is amazing to watch. There is […]

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Nick Jonas Was My Teacher?

Every now and then I have some weird dreams… and one night I had a dream that Nick Jonas was my teacher. Now to preface this, something about my dream felt like deja vu, like my dream was referencing a dream I’ve already had. So in a previous dream I had, although I don’t exactly […]

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Top 10 Favorite TV Couples

Valentines Day is coming up so lets take a moment to appreciate some of TV’s cutest couples. Although movies are always fun, TV couples seem to be even more amazing because you get to see their full progression throughout many seasons. If you’re looking for something to watch I definitely recommend watching back some of […]

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