The Overnight Tour

Update: The Overnight Tour has been postponed but check Jake’s twitter @jakemiller for updates. Until then he’ll be releasing music on his soundcloud!

Check out his latest:

Jake Miller is heading out on The Overnight Tour with Spencer Sutherland and Max Schneider. If you’ve seen Jake live before than you know this is a tour you don’t want to miss. There are so many fun things to look forward to! Here’s some insight on what to expect:

The Opening Acts

Often times when going to a concert not everybody pays attention or knows some of the opening acts. But this time around you’re going to want to give all your time and attention to these amazing and talented openers on The Overnight Tour, Spencer Sutherland and Max Schneider. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them both live before, and when I heard they were the opening acts I knew I was going to have a fun night ahead of me.

1.Spencer Sutherland

I got the chance to see Spencer when he opened up for Emblem 3 back in 2014. I hadn’t heard who he was before hand and didn’t know what to expect, but as soon as his set started I was hooked, and I’ve been keeping up with him ever since. Back then his main song was Heartstrings and since then he’s released the Unveiled EP and his most recent single Bad Influence.Recently he’s been making covers on YouTube and in late 2016 he posted one of his newer songs, Girls. I’m so excited to see him again and hear some of his new music.

Get ready for Spencer’s newest single Selfish on 2/6:


Max Schneider, which you might know from the Nickelodeon movie Rags, has been making music for a while. In 2016 he released his album Hell’s Kitchen Angels that included his songs Gibberish and Wrong . One of my favorites is Basement Party, but the album is full with other amazing songs as well. It’s definitely an album you can listen to beginning to end. I got the chance to see Max on the Sometime Last Night Tour with R5 and I was so excited when I found out I got to see him again. He puts on an amazing live show and always has great energy.

Although there is no confirmation, it seems that Max will not be at the postponed tour but he’ll be doing other shows so keep on the lookout:

Jake Miller

Now we all know a main highlight of the tour is going to be seeing the one we all know and love, Jake. He has amazing energy and puts on one of the most amazing live shows I’ve seen. I’ve made a list of some things to look forward to this tour:

1.Soundcheck Party

If you’re going to the meet and greet or just have a soundcheck party ticket you’re definitely looking forward to this one. I was so excited when I heard Jake decided to do this because he hasn’t done one yet. There is a bit of mystery on what to expect. And for the fans that means another fun experience!

2. Overnight EP

Although Jake performed his new music in 2016 at various shows and whilst on tour with Fifth Harmony, this is the first time he’s touring the EP on its own. I’m very excited to hear all of the new music live and how it all comes together.

Check out the EP here:


3.New Music

Jake hinted in a recent #AskJakeandJenny on twitter that he’ll be performing an unreleased song. Seems like we’ll get to hear his song with Cade sooner than we think!

4. Oldies

Jake is bringing back some old favorites on this tour!

5. New Arrangements

Jake mentioned on twitter he’s doing a little switch up with some of his music for tour. Many artists have done this before and it always turns out amazing. Definitely looking forward to hearing the new arrangements.

6. The Stage

It’s always cool to see how stage set up varies artist to artist. Although its only a rough cut Jake made in snapchat, I’m sure it will look even better live (and maybe Kevin should steer away from using a knife and wrench as drumsticks).

6. The Merch

New merch is always something fun to look forward to and it looks amazing.

Overall each night is going to be so much fun and I know I can’t wait to attend! If you’re going to a show I hope you have an amazing time! And if you haven’t got your ticket yet… what are you waiting for? Tickets available here:

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