Purpose Tour:2016 Highlights

Last summer I got the chance to attend Purpose Tour to see the one and only Justin Bieber. I’ve seen him a few times before and I was so excited to see him again. It had been 3 years since I last saw him on the Believe Tour and I was ready to experience another fun show at the XL Center, in CT. Justin, as per usual put on a fun show and this night really helped remind me why I’m a fan. Here are some of my favorite parts from the show:



1.Drum Solo

If you’ve seen any of Justin’s shows or documentaries you know he’s a talented drummer. His drum solos have become a staple for each live show and it is amazing to watch. I always look forward to see what he brings to the table with his drum solos each tour.

2.Love Yourself

Normally on Purpose Tour, Justin brought his guitar and couch out for a chill acoustic performance of Love Yourself. This time around there were some technical issues with getting the couch out. Justin made light of the situation and got on with the song and it was magical. There is nothing better than an acoustic performance. Justin sounded amazing and so did the crowd. This song is always so fun to sing along to and one of my favorite moments is when the whole crowd sings together. It sounded amazing!

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As much as I love the new material, there is nothing better than an iconic throwback. This time Justin sang As Long As You Love Me and BabyAs Long As You Love Me was so much fun, not only to sing along to,but to watch. The choreography was amazing. Baby is a classic for everyone and thinking about Justin when he released it, to singing it now is always so funny because he was literally a baby when he released the song. These throwbacks made my night and left me wishing there was a way to time travel back to My World or Believe Tour.


This is probably my #1 highlight of the night. Justin taking the time to be silly and have a heart to heart made me so happy and reminded me why I love him in the first place. Justin was asking everyone to raise their hand if they were a certain age and it was so interesting to see the age diversity there was in the crowd. A funny part of the night was when Justin said “look to your neighbor and tell them they’re awesome.” Of course my friend turned to me and said “i’m awesome,” but if you knew him you wouldn’t be surprised.Then Justin said,”Now look to the person you just rejected and tell them their awesome too,” (let’s be real though, Justin was right, I wasn’t going to talk to a stranger).

Justin was talking about how he doesn’t know what struggles everyone is going through, and that he hoped tonight he would be able to help them have a good time and not think about it. He also discussed how just because he’s famous doesn’t mean that he struggles any less. He imitated what someone would say in funny voice, “But dude you’re Justin Bieber, you’ve got everything you always wanted, you’ve got a private jet.” Justin said “private jets don’t solve problems.” I think many times people think celebrities don’t have problems because they can get anything they want, but the reality is that money doesn’t mean much when it comes to happiness. It was nice to hear Justin talk about the misconceptions people think because he’s famous.



Purpose is such a meaningful and beautiful song and Justin’s performance was amazing. One thing I loved that he spoke about before the song was that everyone truly does have a purpose. And he felt like his was to perform, not just for himself but for the fans.


During this song on every stop Justin had different groups of kids on stage dancing with him. It was so amazing to watch and see these kids live out their dreams on stage. The song is always fun to dance to and I loved watching the choreography from the song. When Justin was asking the kids their names, one of them (who kinda looked like Matty B) also said he was single (for all the girls in the crowd). Then he gave Justin his business card and Justin said “woah, i don’t want your number..this just got really weird buddy.” Then he handed the card to one of the girls in the front “she looks like she’s eager for your number.” It was a moment both awkward and funny to watch.

7. Sorry

Other than jamming out to this song live, my favorite thing about it was the choreography and the rain. It was so much fun to watch. I’m also still wondering how no one slipped in the rain… but then again they’re all professionals and have probably had lots of practice.


Overall, it was a fun night and I’m looking forward to Purpose Tour again this August at Metlife!

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