Heffron Drive Tour: 2016 Highlights

Over the summer Heffron Drive did a small US tour;Heffron Drive consist of two members Kendall Schmidt (which you probably recognize from Big Time Rush) and Dustin Belt. They are both incredibly talented and I was so excited I got the chance to see them again with my best friends.

The last couple times I saw them was at the NJ fair and this time I headed out to The Middle East in Boston,Ma to check out the show. They always put on an amazing show and here’s my top 5 highlights from that night:

1.Meet and Greet

This was the second time I was meeting Kendall and Dustin and I was so excited. My goal was to actually talk and not be awkward this time….well I tried my best. I gave them hugs and told them it was nice to see them again. Last time I saw them was at the NJ fair so it was cool to be in a new setting. I told them to come to Albany,NY sometime (cuz man these trips are really adding up…as if that would ever stop me though). Kendall did a New York accent (i have no idea why because I definitely don’t have one but…) He said something like “I heard the waters great up there.” And of course the part I most regret, I replied “it actually is,” ( I mean we have great tap water, but did I really need to confirm that…I cringe every time I think about this moment). Then Kendall had asked if I had something I wanted signed, “oh thanks for reminding me,” I said. He then said “that’s me…the reminder.” At some point (I think it was when they were signing my ticket…the order of it is foggy), Dustin referenced this song and they were signing whatever song that was…i just laughed because I had no idea what they were singing it or why 😂. Then I believe I said my goodbyes and left. Although the saga of me being socially inept at meet and greets continues, I still enjoyed it, they’re always so nice.

Other than meeting them myself, I was also very excited for my sister to see them again. Earlier I told her I would get her two kpop albums if she asked for a dabbing picture. When I was first watching her meet and greet, I noticed she didn’t do it; but soon she mustered up the courage to ask for the pic and it turned out hilarious.

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2.Better Get To Movin’

It was such an amazing surprise when they started to play Better Get To Movin’. It’s one of their older songs that was released in 2008. It is one of my favorites and after not hearing it for a couple years I was ecstatic that they played it.

3.One Track Mind Album/Tour?

One Track Mind is one of my favorites from Heffron Drive. It is great to jam out and sing along to, and it is PHENOMENAL live. I was so happy to finally hear it again. After the song they joked about doing a One Track Mind album and tour with a bunch of different versions. I know it’s only a joke but I’d pay good money for that honestly.

4.New Music

In, 2016 Heffron Drive released two new songs Rain Don’t Come and Don’t Let Me Go. It was the first time I got to hear them live and it was just as amazing as I expected.

5. Guitar Pic

My friend had gotten couple guitar pics at this show, and I myself am never usually lucky enough to get one so I thought it wasn’t possible. I kid you not when I looked away Dustin threw one out into the audience and it literally fell in my hand. Earlier in the show we could see the pics on the stand but couldn’t quite see what was on them, my friend Jason thought it was George Washington. During the show they’d said to take a look at the pic because they were special. I thought it was  George Washington when I looked at mine but after the show, once I was out of the dark, I saw it was Dustin’s face edited onto his and the back said “In Dust We Trust.”


Parallel is such a great song live. I love the passion and hype towards the end of the song and I was so happy to hear it again.

Overall, another amazing show and memory to add to the books. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for Heffron Drive in 2017.

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