Revival Tour:2016 Highlights


Last spring Selena Gomez headed out on Revival Tour, and I was so excited to see her. I’ve seen her a few times before and she always puts on a fun show. I loved “Revival” and I couldn’t wait to see how the songs came to life. There were so many amazing things about this tour and here are some of my favorites (in no particular order):

1.The Outfits

During past tours Selena has had some pretty cool outfits and I always love to see what choices they make for each act of the show. Although she mostly wears the same outfits for every show, different parts of the tour she mixed it up and here are some of my favorites:





2. The Transitions

In between outfit changes Selena had some amazing transitions into the each set. They consisted of cool visuals and a cover of You Don’t Own Me. It definitely kept the audience’s attention as they awaited the next act of the show.

3. The Remixes

During this tour Selena decided to switch things up by remixing a couple of her older songs Come & Get It and Love You Like a Love Song. The remixed versions definitely added an even more amazing vibe to these hits. But, I have to say my favorite remix of the night was the Revival remix that closed out the show. It increased the tempo and made it a dance tune, which was a fun ending to the night.

4. New Music

It was such an amazing surprise when I saw that Selena was performing a new unreleased song called Feel Me. It had such an amazing vibe and made me so excited for the new music to come in the future (let’s cross our fingers it happens this year).

5. Who Says 

Although Who Says was released in 2011, it still holds a special place in my heart. It was so amazing to see Selena perform this again. Before the song Selena spoke about how she needed the song more now at that moment, than she did when she recorded it at 16. The song relays the message to just be yourself and not what other people want you to be, to love and believe in yourself. One of my favorite parts of the song is when Selena lets the crowd sing along. I love hearing everyone harmonize and sing their hearts out.


6. The Music

Altogether the music in general is a highlight of the night. I’ve already spoken of a few of my favorite music moments but, some of my other favorites to not only watch but sing and dance along to were Sober, Me & My Girls and Me & The Rhythm. Jamming out to the music is one of my favorite things. Although up beat songs are more my pace, I did appreciate the slower toned songs. Selena showed so much vulnerability during her cover of Transfiguration by Hillsong and Nobody. Nobody is such a beautiful song and she sang it so beautifully, you could feel the emotion.

7.Selena and her team

I could write a whole post about my love for Selena (and probably will). She is so amazing and deserves recognition for this amazing tour. She entertained, interacted and showed love and appreciation to everyone this tour. She even took the time to meet fans after shows when she could.

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Got you Edmonton, Canada

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Together Selena and her team put together a phenomenal show and I just want to take a moment to appreciation every person who was a part of this tour one part or another. Everyone a part of it put in a lot of hard work and it showed.

Overall, this was an amazing tour! These were just a handful of my favorite things about Revival Tour. Here’s to new music or tour in 2017, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Selena next!


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