Future Now Tour:2016 Highlights

Over the summer Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas decided to co headline a tour together (one of their greatest decisions I might say). I got the chance to attend two of their Future Now Tour shows, and it was the highlight of my summer. I’ve loved Demi and Nick for so long, and when I first heard they were touring together I knew one show wasn’t going to cut it, after all two is better than one. The shows were so much fun and here are some of my reasons why:

  1. Getting Upgraded

At the first Future Now Tour show I went to, at Mohegan Sun, we got upgraded from balcony to the lower level right by the stage! Don’t get me wrong you can enjoy a concert no matter where you sit but this was such an amazing surprise, and being able to see their faces clear as day definitely added the excitement. But the best part is knowing that they’ve seen you in the audience, even if it was for a millisecond.Always take time to appreciate moments like these, especially making eye contact with Nick.


  1. Demi and Nick

I love seeing my favorite people in person. It’s always fun getting to see them do what they love on stage and see their personalities come alive. I loved when Nick talked about their friendship and how Demi pushed him to be more personal on “Last Year Was Complicated.” Although the night is mostly about the music they always take a brief time to share and connect with the fans, whether it’s a silly or emotional moment.

  1. The Music

Nick and Demi are some of my top favorite artists. They’re super talented vocally and I love their music. It’s just all around fun to listen to. One of the highlights of the night was Nick’s song transitions and dangggggg demi can sing (I mean I already knew this but just hearing her live is just WOW). I think I might be addicted to Bacon (the song of course). Every time I say “oh shit,” I find myself saying “throw some bacon on it,” (brainwash some might say, blame Nick Jonas).

  1. Singing along

One of my all-time favorite things to do that makes the concert just that much more fun is belting out the lyrics. My favorite part to truly let go and give my 100% is the high notes, and Demi and Nick have a lot of fun ones. You probably wouldn’t want to be next to me during Stone Cold. I definitely got some looks when I was singing along to it at the Boston concert. Other than that I love the moments where the whole audience is singing along. It doesn’t matter if there’s 10,000 terrible singers in the room, together we sound great. But don’t ever worry about being a bad singer; you’re not the one singing in the microphone for 10,000+ people. Do you whatever you think is fun because let’s be real I’ll never see the girl who gave me a nasty look when I was belting out Stone Cold again.

5.Jamming Out

This kind of ties in with 4 but, I always love to full on jam out because standing still is so boring. Upbeat songs are of course best for this, which is why they’re my favorite. You can always find times to correspond a silly dance with parts of song, my sister and I have PLENTY. Also anyone else go full-out for Chainsaw? My sister thinks I’m crazy for jamming out because it’s considered a ballad but it was lit right (I have no other way to describe it than lit, my sincerest apologies).

6. Duet

On the Future Now Tour, Demi joined Nick to perform his song Close. It was such an amazing surprise when Demi came out on stage to sing what is originally Tove Lo’s part of the song. I was so lucky to have caught this performance just in time because the first show I went to was the first time they performed it together. The crowd went crazy. There is nothing better than seeing your two favorite artists perform together.


With any tour you’ll find patterns, but going to more than one show you tend to notice and get the timing of moves, speeches and even water breaks. Between actually going, and watching videos of Future Now Tour I could probably do an imitation of the show….. I wouldn’t sound good but it’d be accurate.

Overall everything tied together made this tour amazing for me. Not all tours need a big production; you just need the artist, the music and a fun attitude to be ready to take on the night.

PS. If you need a good laugh, check out their carpool karaoke with James Corden

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