Meeting R5:2016 Highlights

I was so excited to find out my favorite band, R5 was doing a signing before their concert at Palace Theatre. We were waiting in line and when we got up to the window of FYE, you could only see the back of their heads. My friend Jason said they looked like a litter of puppies. Soon it was almost my turn and anxiety was setting in ( I never know how to make conversation at these things).

First, I met Ellington, and he had asked me what song I was looking forward to. I have to admit I was a bit thrown off when he first asked me, I said “oh shoot , I don’t know.” I usually try to plan what to say to everyone ahead of time because I don’t do well improvising conversation at meet and greets. So, I told him Did You Have Your Fun because it was one of my favorite songs at the time (and also the first song I could think of on short notice). Maybe I should’ve said Ready, Set, Rock (a throwback song, no worries… I’m only… kidding, although I am curious at what the reaction would be). Next, I met Rydel, who’s always so nice and pretty in person, also a fashion icon (seriously though, can she be my stylist). I told her that I was so excited for Lightning Strikes. It’s definitely one of my favorites from the album.

Next was Ross. I had something silly planned to say. I felt like this time meeting them I wanted to switch it up because otherwise I’d just be saying hi.

Me:I have a random fact for you…your name backwards is “schnil czar.”

Ross: schnil czar?

Me:yeah just a random fact

Ross: yeaaaaah….

The face he gave me was priceless. He probably thought it was crazy but hey, at least I said more than two words to him this time.


Then, I met Rocky, and I told him that it was good to see him and that I was so pumped for the show. Last was Riker, I have no idea why I felt so rushed but when I got to Riker, he signed my album and all I said was “Hi, thank you, so pumped,” and went off. He said “see ya at the show.” I don’t know if I felt rushed because he was the last or I’m lowkey intimated by him for some reason (Or I’m over thinking this too much).

Overall, they were all so nice, I always love seeing them. After we stuck around for a few minutes and Love Me Like That was playing and I jammed out (still sad I never got to hear it live). It was a nice throwback.

PS: Does anyone else have trouble watching meet and greet videos back afterwards? It was such a fun and amazing experience but anytime I watch the video from the meet and greet, I want to cringe so hard at myself.

Also in case anyone is playing the backwards words game their names backwards are: Schnil Czar for Ross, Schnil Rydel for Rydel ,Schnelly Car for Rocky,Schnil Ergyow for Riker, Phil ow annessniellete for Ellington.


Header image from Lucid Magazine: Check out their interview and more pics from their shoot here:


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